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Hopefully, the information provided on this site is helpful and will answer any questions you may have as well as expose you to new and interesting aspects of life in the Sumner Band program. This page covers fees and miscellaneous information not shown elsewhere on the site.

What to pay and to who is often the most confusing part of the program for parents. There are fees that are paid to the school bookkeeper and fees that are paid to the SBPA. There are fees due at the beginning of the year and others that are due as things pop up along the way. There are different fundraisers and envelopes and order forms and...well, you can see how it goes.

This is the current schedule of known fees for the 2022-23 school year:

Fees Paid to SHS Bookkeeper

Marching & Pep Band

  • Activity Fee: $50 /Semester
  • Instrument Rental Fee (if used): $25 /Semester
  • Uniform Use Fee: $42.50 /year

Color Guard

  • Activity Fee: $50 /Semester
  • Uniform Use: $42.50 /year

Fees Paid to SBPA

Marching & Pep Band

  • Pep Band Polo Shirt: $28 (also used for Summer Band)
  • Band Shoes: $40 (also used for Jazz & Symphonic Bands)
  • Black dri-fit T-shirt: $11.00
  • Band Gloves: $5/$12

Jazz Band

  • Travel Fee: Paid as necessary based on travel costs

Color Guard

  • Pep Band Color Guard Polo Shirt: $28 (also used for Summer Band)
  • Color Guard Shoes: $25
  • Color Guard Gloves: $12/pr.
  • Equipment Use Fee: $15 /Semester

Please Note:  We strive to keep the SHS Band Program fees to a minimum.  If there are any family financial difficulties, please notify us.  We will work with those students and their families.  Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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