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2018 Sumner HS Spartan Band & Color Guard

8/13 thru 8/19 (Updated 8/12/18) 


I hope you're all enjoying some well-deserved time-off from Band this week.  Again, we want to thank all of the students and parents who helped to make the Summer Marching Band 2018 a lot of fun and a great experience.  In fact, let's do it one more time at halftime of the first Sumner HS Home Football Game on Friday September 7th (but more on that next week).  Mrs. Carl and I got the opportunity to see the top DCI Drum Corps at the Auburn Theater's closed-circuit broadcast last Thursday night of the Preliminary Championships, and it was fantastic.  So many excellent groups and people - it was so inspiring to see and hear them.  At Sumner HS we of course aren't a Drum Corps, but we try our best to emulate their dedication and effort when we go out and learn, work-on, perform, and ultimately compete with our field show that the Sumner HS Band will be starting to learn in just a couple of weeks.  Field Show marching is just a small part of what we do over the course of a year, but with our calendar set-up the way it is, it's the first thing that we do right off the bat at the start of the year.  At Sumner HS we have a competitive Field Show Marching Band that not only performs at football games and other events, but on 3 occasions this coming fall we will compete, not against other HS Bands, but against an established standard of excellence, just like the Drum Corps do.  Mr. Olaiya, Mrs. Carl and I are working very hard already to get things ready so we will do the best that we can in that degree of excellence.  Not a lot of High Schools (especially around here) do what we do with field show competing - it's hard, it's demanding, it takes a lot more than just our class-time, but we love it and we want to have you have fun and love it too.  The Drum Corps perform in the summer when it's hot while we'll be performing in the fall when it's likely to be cold and rainy, but they do it in demanding conditions and so can we.  It won't necessarily be comfortable sometimes, you may be tired and have to reach down for that extra bit of energy and effort, but we're hoping that you'll love being part of our group, a good group, a GREAT GROUP THAT WILL DO GREAT THINGS THIS YEAR!  We work extra hard and it shows, we show-up early and stay late, we help each of our members to do their best (remember, we don't have a "JV" or a "C-Team" Marching Band - you are ALL starters on the varsity, whether you are freshmen or seniors).  Think about it - can you tell a Freshman from a Senior Band member out there in uniform during a performance?  The answer will definitely be NO by Saturday November 10th when we perform and compete at our final competition in Auburn because we will work together with each other, each of us trying to help the entire group do their best.  It doesn't matter what instrument or part you are, if you are out there you are a part of US.  As you can probably tell, I'm fired-up to get us going and get us as far as we can get - it's going to be such an exciting year ahead of us.  Take a look at the attachments I've added to this BLAST: the year-long Major Performances Schedule that we've had out for awhile, but also the new August, September, October, November, and December Sumner HS Band Program Calendars that we've added.  Look at how much time beyond the regular class-time you will be rehearsing and preparing to be a great group.  Just remember, you are important, you have been given a special talent, and you are going to do an outstanding job this year as a member of the Sumner HS Marching Band.  As we put together our roster and set our instrumentation, remind everyone you see and talk to about the importance of getting started early and getting started well, which for us starts on Monday August 20th with our BLC/Section-Leaders and Sumner Band Parents Meetings (SBPA), our Tuesday August 21st Pre-Season Students and Parents Meeting, and our FIRST REHEARSAL OF THE ENTIRE GROUP ON WEDNESDAY AUGUST 22nd!  If anyone hasn't yet signed-up for Band (remember, you have to be signed-up and in the class) please have them contact me ASAP via e-mail, and I'll help to get them set-up.  I've got lots more to tell you about next Sunday, so enjoy a wonderful week - your last summer-week until we get started with our Sumner HS Band Pre-Season schedule.  Thanks again for being the BEST STUDENTS and BEST FAMILIES a Band Director could ask for.

Sumner High School Band Director



Sumner HS Band Program Staff: 

Joe Carl, Sumner High School Band Director    

Ellen Carl, Sumner High School Color Guard Advisor 

Emmanuel OlaiyaSumner High School Band Para-Pro and DrumLine Instructor

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