Conduct Overview

Be proud to represent Sumner High School. Be worthy of others' pride in you.

When you are a member of the Spartan Band and Color Guard, you are part of a special group. Always present yourself in a manner that will maintain the respect of your group, your family members, your school, your community.

In this section there are specific rules, guidelines and information. Please follow them.


The Band Room will be open between 2:20 and 4:30PM – do not wander in the school

  • 4:30PM  Report to Sunset Stadium not in uniform (but with hats)
  • 5:00PM  Break & Change into uniform
  • 6:00PM  Full-Group in Courtyard: Uniform Inspection/Music & Routine Run-Thrus
  • 6:30PM  March to Stadium & Pregame Performance (Parade around Track/Tunnel/FS-SSB)
  • 7:00PM  Home Football Game Performance (Pre-game/Halftime/Post-game)
  • 9:30PM  Game Ends (approximate time) – return quietly to Band Room
  • NO PLAYING ANY INSTRUMENTS from Stadium to Band Room
  • EVERYONE STAYS for the Entire Game-Performance


Be on-time; arrive early and be prepared to get to the Stadium for warm-up.  Traffic can be bad on Fridays – It is recommended you stay at SHS after school.

Regular MB uniforms (including gloves & gauntlets) for every home FB game performance. Make sure that you have everything before you leave from home in the afternoon, or you can bring your uniform to school in the AM, leave it in the Band Room, and change after school – just be prepared.  Remember, no loaner uniform parts (we may wear the raincoats for the game if the conditions warrant – it will be a game-time decision, since the raincoats are always left at school). INCOMPLETE UNIFORM=NO PERFORMANCE

Football Game performance reminders:

  • We stay and sit together in our band section by sections (no non-band members will be sitting with us) during all of the game except for the 3rd quarter, when you can walk around and visit with your friends    
  • Always be ready to play – everyone plays and everybody has their own flip-folders and all music pieces – we are alert and ready to perform
  • We always play with the highest excellence – precision takes precedence over power
  • We play together (we watch and stop playing as directed by the Drum Majors)
  • We never play on our own, switch instruments, let non-band members play, etc.
  • We stay in our zipped-up and buttoned-up uniforms until we are back in the Band Room after the game is over – we always look sharp when seen in public
  • (no partial uniforms, no baseball or other non-band hats, no band hats backwards, etc.
  • NO food or drink for us during the first half of the game (water is OK)
  • We have 3rd quarter “off” – provided everyone is back is back on time with 1 minute to go in the 3rd quarter on the stadium scoreboard.  Remind other members of the time so we don’t all get penalized if someone is late getting back.  You can get food and stuff but be very careful of the uniforms to keep them clean
  • Consider these events “3 hour concerts” – you are constantly on-stage and in view of the public.  Make sure your actions reflect the class of our group at all times, both playing and when not playing
  • We always support our team positively – never any negative cheers or playing towards either team (never play “taps”, etc.)

At the end of the game:

  • Playing is over with our last note as a group – we don’t play (or allow anyone else to play – whether in band or not) on the way back to the Band Room
  • Everyone helps to take things back (pit percussion, etc.)
  • EVERYONE cleans-up both our grandstands area and the Band Room area, NOT parents and staff cleaning-up
  • Uniforms go home with you (or you get fined to get them back . . .)
  • MB Uniform “Left-Out” Fines:    
    • $10.00 First Offense
    • $15.00 Second Offense
    • Ramping-up by $5 increments for succeeding times

Make a very positive impression when you perform and at all other times show the people in attendance what a great group of students we are, including  Visiting School Students and Parents, the Referees, EVERYONE 

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